Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Graham guts government

Word is abuzz in the New Brunswick civil service this morning that Shawn Graham is poised to announce a 10% staff reduction. This is said to be achieved through both early retirement offers and terminations of employment.

The Trenchcoat has learned that the packages being offered are not that good which is making this much harder on the hard-working people that keep government moving.

Francis McGuire, Liberal henchman and architect of the Liberals self-sufficiency plan, was seen entering the Centennial Building this morning with his cloak and sickle, which is never a good sign for the civil service.

It seems as though Shawn Graham is going to start New Brunswick's move toward self-sufficiency by making people more self-sufficient. Perhaps his theory is that people shouldn't rely on the government for things like...oh let's say, jobs.

This guy comes out of nowhere, wins a seat in the Legislature and then goes on to achieve a stunning victory in the race to become Liberal Caucus Chair. Since that pinnacle moment for Miles, he has lost everything else...first he lost an entire school in his riding and now it looks as though he hasn't been able to stand up to his own Caucus and demand that jobs in his riding be protected.

This guy just can't catch a break.