Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Lamrock calls out Boudreau, Graham

In case anyone was wondering that was Kelly Lamrock calling out Finance Minister Victor Boudreau and Shawn "Good Times" Graham in the TJ this morning.

Turns out despite both the Premier and Finance Minister warning New Brunswickers that the Liberal government is on the verge of a deficit and that spending cuts are coming, the Education Minister is making sure that he publicly commits the government to funding his departmental priorities.

Here is what Lamrock told the TJ...

"As minister my intention is to go forward and make sure it is implemented. I feel it would be financially reckless to not do it. If you don't intervene early you pay more later on. It is going to ultimately be a bigger problem. Even if one put one's heart aside and made a hard-headed financial decision, it would still be the best thing to do."

Essentially this is Lamrock telling the Honourable Mr. Boudreau and Premier Good Times through the media that they need to stop acting in a "financially reckless" manner and that they had better not screw around with his plans. He is also saying that he is heartless and has the hard-head he feels is necessary to break more Liberal promises if that is necessary...as long as they are not in his department.