Thursday, January 11, 2007

Roberta Dugas Must Resign

There is growing concern about how the Liberals are making patronage appointments. The latest concerns Roberta Dugas who was recently named Chair of the Workplace, Health, Safety and Compensation Commission.

Roberta Dugas is a partisan Liberal – she ran and lost as a Liberal in a by-election in 2001 – this itself is not that unusual as most of these types of appointments are political in nature, but what is concerning about this appointment is that as of January 11, 2007, she is still listed as the Co-Chair of the Liberal Party’s Policy and Resolutions Committee (

I find it unacceptable that Roberta Dugas can be appointed to such a high-profile, non-partisan government position and still maintain a blatantly partisan role within the Liberal Party of New Brunswick. Roberta Dugas must publicly resign from the WHSCC or from her role as Co-Chair of the Policy and Resolutions Committee of the Liberal Party.