Thursday, January 4, 2007

Where's Rick?

Many people were wondering where Shawn Graham was when he sent his Finance Minister out to inform New Brunswickers that he willfully deceived voters when they promised to keep the 8% HST rebate on home heating costs, only to turn around and scrap it without blinking an eye.

"The Trenchcoat" is wondering where another Liberal MLA is. Fredericton Silverwood MLA, Rick Myles has been noticeably absent from the Albert Street School debate. Is the rookie MLA happy that a school is being picked up and moved out of his riding? What is he telling concerned parents? Perhaps his silence on this issue was part of a deal he made to become Liberal Caucus Chair.

Myles owes his constituents a public statement outlining his position concerning the Albert Street School. I actually doubt that we will ever see it because Kelly Lamrock has probably bullied the rookie into silence.

Rick Myles it is time to stand up and tell the good people of Fredericton Silverwood where you stand on protecting schools in your riding!