Monday, January 15, 2007

Rowinski moved out of Premier's office

Less than one month before the launch of the Liberal government’s first legislative session a major change has been made in the Premier’s Office. Jan Rowinski had been the Legislative Coordinator in the Premier’s Office since the Liberals were sworn in last October. According to the online GNB employee directory, Rowinski has been replaced by Leopold Mallet.

This is not a total surprise as many people within government are quietly saying that the Liberals are still unprepared for the Legislative session as February 6 looms closer and closer. A legislative agenda is still being widely debated and remains unfocused, the budget is going to be tougher than most people think (tax hikes), and no one knows the hours and days that the Legislative Assembly will actually sit.

What is odd about this change is that Rowinski has been moved to Atlantic Education International in Moncton at the School District 2 offices, but he still retained his title of “Legislative Coordinator.” Why would the government need a “Legislative Coordinator” working for an agency associated with the Department of Education? Why is he still listed as the Legislative Coordinator in the Office of the Premier on the Liberal Party’s website? They were able to update it quickly enough to add Carl Davies as a “Communications Officer” for the Office of Government Members.

By the way…
Someone should tell the Chief of Staff at the Office of Government Members to call the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Liberal Party to change Carl’s title on the Liberal website. The Liberals list him as a “Communications Officer” and the Government lists him as “Director of Communications.” Journalists are sticklers for detail and always like to have their facts right.